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Industrial Biocides

Preventing Microorganisms from harming your products and processes.


All Water-based, non-food applications including:

  • Coatings and Inks

  • Dyes and Colorants

  • Adhesives

  • Dispersions, Slurries, and Emulsions

  • Metal Working Fluids

  • Paper manufacturing processes, coatings and additives



Biocides, Anti-Microbials, Preservatives, Quick-Killers, and Fungicides:


  • Prevent or control the growth of Bacteria, Yeast and Molds in:

    • Raw materials

    • During production

    • Final Products (in-container)

    • Dry State Protection of Final Product

We now offer custom blending in addition to our full biocide line



  • Laboratory Testing

    • Microorganism counts (before and after biocide addition)

    • Challenge and Shelf-Life Studies

    • Product Compatibility


  • On-Site Technical Support

    • Audits of:

      • Raw Materials

      • Production Processes

      • Finished Goods, Retains and Aged Inventory

      • Microorganism Control Strategies & Biocide Performance Info



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