Bioremediation Services

Addition of naturally occurring microbes (often known as bacteria or bugs) which breakdown and eliminate Fats, Oils, Grease (FOG) and Other Organics from wastewater streams.

A Natural process, which converts harmful substances through digestion to harmless ones, while not harming equipment and processes.



Food Service Establishments –

  • Continuous feed products from dispensers to major sink drain lines

  • Inside Grease Trap or Interceptor  products (under or beside 3 – compartment sinks and dish washers)

  • Outside Grease Trap products for continuous or monthly treatments.  (Includes monitoring to meet city or county requirements)

  • Floor drains and pipe line products


Municipal Wastewater Systems –


  • Products for sewer lines (where build-ups and restricted flows are common)

  • Lift Stations

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